Website for prospective students
of the Russian State Humanities University

Website for prospective students
of the Russian State Humanities University

RSUH is the leading university in Russia in the humanities and social sciences, offering over 80 study programs and boasting a rich history since 1553. The university holds significant positions in international and national rankings, reaffirming its reputation as Russia's premier humanities university.
Novoslobodskaya Metro Station. Mius Square, 6
Admissions Committee
+7 495 250-61-84


Why students choose RGGU

Education without borders: innovative projects with the Federal Agency for CIS Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad, and International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo); International educational and scientific projects with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Russian Centre for Science and Culture.


International Educational and Scientific Centers


Agreements with Universities from Different Countries


Students from Various Countries Study at RSUH


Courses Taught in Foreign Languages
RSUH Youth Policy: the university helps freshmen adapt and supports student initiatives.

Assistance with adaptation for freshmen

RSUH Team Leaders - those who help freshmen adjust to their new life!

Development of creative potential

>30 student associations

Student media

RGGU.LIVE - the youth branch of the RSUH press service and aggregator of student media platforms of the university


RSUH teams uphold the university's honor at Moscow, Russian, and international competitions


>600 volunteers

Career trajectories

Career weeks and employment workshops


3 faculty startup clubs,
>250 participants in the "startup design" program

Spiritual and moral development

>250 cultural and creative events annually
RSUH develops based on unique methods of humanitarian knowledge and world-class scientific and pedagogical schools, involving students, postgraduates, and young scientists.


Leading scientific, educational, and expert center in the field of social-humanitarian and information sciences


Research directions


Educational and scientific centers


Student scientific associations


Scientific events annually


Scientific monographs annually


Scientific journals:
14 in the VAK list,
6 international scientific citation databases (Web of Science and Scopus)


Dissertation councils
in 24 specialties,
hundreds of defended dissertations
The "Scientific Library" information complex contains about 1 million publications: of these, approximately 20,000 are available in open access at Mius Square and around 5000 are located on the territory of the Historical Archive Institute, with over 50,000 publications (books and journals) in European and Eastern languages. Access to the rare book collection is available to all students and faculty of RSUH.

>1 mln


>60 ths

Publications in the rare books department

>50 ths

Publications in European and Eastern languages


Multimedia classrooms, as well as situational centers, coworking spaces, and a cyber polygon
RSUH Career Center - a unit that assists students and graduates in professional development, internship and job search, and career building.


Available job vacancies for RSUH students


Employer partners


Professional development consultations annually


Career events annually
List of Russian and international rankings featuring RSUH:


RAEX-100 Ranking: Top Universities in Russia (2023)


Interfax Ranking: National University Ranking (2023)


World University Rankings (2024)


Moscow International University Ranking "Three Missions of the University" (2023)

History of RSUH

  • 1908

    Establishment of the Moscow City People's University named after A.L. Shanyavsky, the predecessor of the modern RSUH (7th building)
  • 1930

    Establishment of the Moscow Historical Archive Institute, the predecessor of the modern RSUH (building on Nikolskaya Street)
  • 1991

    The Moscow Historical Archive Institute was reorganized into the Russian State Humanitarian University.

Buildings and Museums of RSUH

RSUH is located in the historic buildings of the former Moscow City People's University named after A.L. Shanyavsky and the Moscow Historical Archive Institute. The university campus houses the largest scientific and educational museum center in Russia.

How to enter RSUH?

Gather all needed documents

— Passport (notarized translation of the passport (if there is no information in Russian in the document), visa page (if available);
— A document on previous education with legalization/apostille (if necessary), notarized translation;
— Documents confirming individual achievements (diplomas, awards, etc.);
medical certificate in the form 086/u / on the state of health (with fluorography);
— Medical certificate of HIV absence/AIDS, hepatitis B and C (validity period - 3 months);
— Medical insurance policy valid in Russia.


Through the applicant's personal account on the RSUH website or personally at the address: Moscow, 15 Chayanova str., building 2.

Deadlines for submitting documents
BUDGET and PAID (all forms of education):
June 20 - July 10 2024: when passing the entrance tests to the RSUH instead of the Unified State Exam
June 20 - July 25 2024: for admission only based on the results of the Unified State Exam

PAID (additional set, all forms of education)
August 2 - August 8 2024: when passing entrance tests to the RSUH instead of the Unified State Exam
August 2 - August 20 2024: for admission only based on the results of the Unified State Exam

BUDGET (all forms of education):
June 20 - July 29, 2024
PAID (all forms of education):
June 20 - August 13, 2024

Preparatory courses for the entrance exams

Humanities profile

— Russian language, language for profession, mathematics, history, social studies.

Economic profile

— Russian language, language for profession, literature, history, social studies.

Duration training

1 year: September/October - May/June,

1.5 years: March-June, September/October - May/June.


Russian language training
The International Center of Russian Language offer online and face-to-face courses of Russian as a foreign language


Pass entrance exams

To enter RSUH you can use USE exams results or you can take entrance exams at RSUH instead.

July 11 - July 24, 2024 - BUDGET and PAID (all forms of education)
August 9 - August 15, 2024 - PAID (all forms of education)
September 10 - September 13, 2024 - FOR a FEE (correspondence course)

July 31 - August 2, 2024 - BUDGET (all forms of education)
July 31 - August 2 or August 15 - 16, 2024 - for a FEE (all forms of education)
Entrance examinations to the master's degree are conducted in the form of an oral exam (on the questions in the tickets) or written testing. The minimum positive score is 30 points (out of 100).

Visa support

To issue an invitation to the Russian Federation from RGGU, the following data must be provided:

— Purpose of visit to RGGU (study or scientific and technical relations);

— Photocopy of the first page of your passport;

— Name of the organization where you work or study;

— Address of the organization (country, index, city, street, house, telephone and fax number) where you work or study;

— Your status (professor, student, etc.);

— Your place of birth (country, city);

— The city where you will receive your visa (any city where there is a Consulate of the Russian Federation);

— Type of visa (single entry, double entry, multiple entry);

— Exact dates of arrival and departure;

— Place of accommodation in Moscow (RSUU hostel, hotel or apartment);

— Phone number and e-mail address to which you would like to receive an invitation;

— Postal address (country, index, city, street, house, phone number) to which you would like to receive the original invitation.

Contacts of Visa and Registration Department

+7 (495) 250-63-54

Official documents

Admissions Office
+7 (495) 250-61-84, +7 (495) 250-65-31 admission of foreign citizens to study
+7 (495) 250-66-25 tuition fees and discounts
+7 (495) 250-71-48 Olympiad and preparation for internal entrance tests (bachelor's degree, specialty), USE - face-to-face classes +7 (495) 250-71-87 preparation for internal entrance tests (Master's degree)
The website was developed by students of the Faculty of Advertising and Public Relations for prospective students of RSUH.

Faculty page
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